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Speaker, Author, Educator.

Brian Lowery uses his expertise in social psychology to illuminate the way relationships shape who we are and can be, with a current focus on the ways we find meaning in life.

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Coming soon:  Brian's recent talk at TED 2024 where he discussed a route to a more meaningful life.

“An informed, thought-provoking consideration of the relational dimensions of our lives.”

Kirkus Reviews

Selfless Book by Brian Lowery.

Selfless: The Social Creation of “You” challenges how we think about ourselves and creates opportunities to redefine who we can be and how we can live. Learn more about Brian's writing here.

Know What You See Podcast with Brian Lowery.
Know What You See Podcast with Brian Lowery.

Transforming Life Through Death


Awe: a Pathway to Meaning


Is Free Will Real?


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A founding co-Director of the Stanford Institute for Advancing Just Societies

Brian Lowery speaking.

Brian has been a professor at Stanford University for over 20 years and has held numerous leadership roles.

Leadership for Society with Brian Lowery.

Leadership for Society

As the creator of the Leadership for Society program, Brian seeks to reimagine the role that business can play in society. Catch up on the latest series, Tensions: Business, Civic Society and Politics here.

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