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Brian has over a decade of experience working with organizations and executives. He has engaged with organizations from Google and Netflix to the Environmental Defense Fund. He is available to speak to large and small teams as well as for ongoing consulting projects to amplify your team’s performance. For the highest level executives, Brian also offers private coaching.

Brian Lowery.


Brian helps individuals, teams and leaders understand what creates meaning in life and at work and how this can increase engagement and performance. He also focuses on how relationships define us, ways we can interact more constructively, and the nature of inequality in society.

Speaking topics

Defining Who We Are Internally and Externally

Openly Engage With Others to Understand Our Own Biases

The Best Leaders Understand Who They Are First

Cultivate Relationships to Create Meaning at Work

Brian Lowery having a conversation.


Brian and his colleagues provide an array of consulting and educational interventions designed to maximize engagement and enable both individuals and organizations to thrive. Drawing upon vast knowledge and experience, Brian’s team focuses on two critical areas: leadership effectiveness and creating meaningful work.

Through strategy development and execution, assessments, engaging learning experiences or coaching, his ability to combine academic research and pragmatic approaches lead to greater individual and organizational impact.

Consulting topics

Leadership effectiveness

Creating meaningful work

Appearances - Podcasts/Television

Brian can booked to discuss meaning at life and at work.

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