Keynote Speaker Brian Lowery

Brian Lowery PhD.

Helping individuals, teams and leaders understand what provides us meaning in life and at work.

Brian has considerable experience speaking to general audiences as well as executives. He covers a range of topics from the importance of meaning in our lives and at work to what it takes to work together in groups and teams.

Brian has presented to audiences including...

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Speaking topics

Defining Who We Are Internally and Externally

In this presentation, Professor Brian Lowery discusses how understanding our identity can help us find meaning in life and work. He explains how others can influence us in unconscious ways, and how we can become more self-aware and empathetic by understanding these influences.

Openly Engage With Others to Understand Our Own Biases

How do environments shape unconscious biases and how can we become more aware of them? According to Professor Brian Lowery, interacting with people, even those we disagree with, can help us gain perspective.

The Best Leaders Understand Who They Are First

Practical strategies for managers to lead their teams effectively by prioritizing self-awareness. By understanding themselves better, managers can build supportive, purposeful, and constructive teams. Lowery's tools can help managers better relate to their employees and unlock higher levels of commitment and coordination within their teams.

Cultivate Relationships to Create Meaning at Work

Creating meaningful relationships is crucial for leaders who want the best for their teams. In the presentation, I discovered strategies for building productive, empowering relationships that give others a sense of purpose and significance at work.

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